Data claim with £50k costs sent to county court after ‘procedural abuse’ | CMC’s selling rubbish cases to law firms | Law Gazette

Commented on: 25 November 2021 7:32am

Winter is coming for these data breach claims / CMCs / firms. It starts with the funders getting cold feet. Then the ATE insurer withdrawing indemnity / reneging. And then the firms realise that deep in the master agreement they are ultimately liable for the loans and / or are neck deep in thousands of small claims track cases. Seen it all before with industrial deafness cases, then cavity wall and now this. Next up is mortgage miscalculation / misselling claims in my view. Folks the only winners are the CMCs and their associated entities selling the claims or the “experts” reports that allegedly support them. It was ropey audiograms in deafness, non CPR compliant “surveys” in cavity wall and mortgage miscalculation cases, all costing thousands. They get paid first out of the loan and go from firm to firm looking for stooges to take on the the real risk. The don’t care if the cases win or lose once they have been paid since they no longer have any skin in the game. Leaving aside the financial risk there can also be professional risks for those who run these claims if there is no cost benefit advice or if clients are paying thousands for “reports”/ ATE policies which are non compliant or over priced. Tread carefully when approached by folks offering gold bars.
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