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Dynamic, collaborative, and with a reputation for being at the cutting-edge of legal developments, Bindmans has had an outstanding 45 year history. The legal landscape may have changed dramatically over the years, but we are unwavering in our commitment to our founding principles: championing the rights, freedoms and reputations of our clients.

Bindman & Partners (now Bindmans LLP), was established by Geoffrey Bindman, Wendy Mantle, Sarah Leigh and William Blakeney and opened for business at 249 Gray’s Inn Road in April 1974. Geoffrey Bindman had set-up the inaugural legal aid practice in North London in 1963 at the Kentish Town practice. He and Wendy Mantle had been partners in Lawfords, a trade union firm in Gray’s Inn. Together with Sarah Leigh, who had been a trainee and then solicitor at Lawfords, and William Blakeney, a property lawyer, they formed a new partnership mainly to provide local residents, most of whom were at that time eligible for legal aid, with legal services in the fields which concerned them, including family law, immigration, personal injuries, housing, social welfare, and crime. Over the years Bindmans has extended the range of its activities UK-wide and internationally, especially in the fields of human rights and public law. When Bindmans was founded it was uncommon for law firms to practice human rights and civil liberties – we are a trailblazer in the field.

The firm became increasingly well-known as defenders of civil liberties and human rights, with an emphasis on public law i.e. challenging the actions of public authorities. As its reputation grew, so the firm expanded steadily, moving to new premises first at 1 Euston Road, opposite King’s Cross station, then at 275 Gray’s Inn Road, and eventually to its present principal home at 236 Gray’s Inn Road.

Over the course of 45 outstanding years, Bindmans has not only grown in terms of partners, fee-earners and business support staff, but has greatly broadened its practice areas and scope of work.

In 2019, Bindmans celebrates its 45 year anniversary, and below you can explore some of the momentous steps we have taken on our journey:

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