MCFC research to supplement to well written press releases


On the 16th of May, when City released a statement after after CFCB IC of UEFA made a referral to the adjudicatory body for deciding on the punishment. There were uncharacteristically strong words in it about Yves Leterme the Chief Investigator

The club said it found the process “unsatisfactory, curtailed and hostile”. The whole media jumped on this with “Haughty” etc. Sam Cunningham went his usual extra mile with a Trump comparison.

Now anyone who knows the club knows them for extreme restraint, but no one bothered to see what was the reason for the change. With a vast majority of the media having decided on City’s guilt I guess they were out buying nails for the coffin.

It turns out Mr Leterme, the former Belgian PM has an interesting past..interesting recent past. Till last August he was the head of LIFE, an inter governmental agency, based in Sweden, it’s established to promote democracy across the world, a position he has held since 2014

Turns out that last year, due to certain complaints LIFE asked KPMG to investigate Leterme, on charges raised by anonymous employees. And guess what happened? Due to conclusive findings (allegedly 🙄) he was let go by IDEA for preferential treatment, discrimination and harassment

This matter is well covered by the Belgian media..for example.(Google translate makes it strange but understandable). This one has a claim of “bullying”

While this may or may not have any bearing on the investigation into Manchester City, I’m a bit shocked that not one English,/International media has picked this up or did it not fit their narrative?

(Thanks to the unnamed City fan who pointed me in this direction)

I stand corrected, the media has looked into Leterme critically and found out that he likes raising goats (he has two called Trudy and Vicky)

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