Welcome to my site.

When I started this site in 2018 I intended to create a “resource pack” for junior lawyers who specialise in:

• Personal Injury

• Industrial Disease and

• Clinical Negligence claims.

World events have taken the site into a different direction. COVID-19; worldwide human rights abuses; attacks on the right to protest and freedom of speech; a lack of political choice; the continuance of the monarchy despite the death of the Queen with no consultation of the general public; the alarming  increase in racism; the misuse of the term “antisemitism” for political purposes; the climate emergency; the development of extremist organisations (including the WEF); war; massacres; sabotage; and the threat of nuclear war has resulted in the site focusing on issues that I had not expected it to at the outset. Consequently, the personal injury aspects of the site is now just a small element of the site.

The great Chuck D once described himself as a “dispatcher of information” as his hip hop group, Public Enemy, referred listeners to important people in the American black community and discussed social issues. By providing links to other sites, articles and tweets, I hope this site can also dispatch  information.

Irrespective of their specialist areas, lawyers ought to:

• Be politically aware;
• Do their utmost to promote civil liberties and human rights; and
• Support charities.

This will be reflected in the site.

Parts of the site will not be available to the public. The site stores training materials and, as other people have prepared them and they aren’t freely available, it would be inappropriate for me to make them available to the public.

Nothing in the site contains legal advice and I do not accept any responsibility for any errors within the site. Please make your own checks to verify the accuracy of information provided in this site.

To find information relevant to use please simply use the search function. Categories of some pages include:

Clin Neg (an abbreviation of clinical negligence)



FTP (an abbreviation for Fight The Power)


Myotonic dystrophy

Police Watch

Politician Watch

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or ideas.

The views expressed in this site are my own and not those of my employer or any organisation I may be associated with.