Great Return March 🇵🇸

On the first anniversary of The Great Return March and Land Day it’s appropriate to pay tribute to the tens of thousands of non-violent protesters who have been campaigning for what they believe is justice. I respect people who protest by marching, waving flags or even dancing when literally being under attack by tear gas or artillery fire:

So many legal and ethical issues arise out of the Palestine- Israel conflict including:

• Who should control the area where that the west refer to as Israel?

• Is Israel a legitimate state?

• To what extent should a country’s borders be able to change over time? Just because a particular plot of land initially belonged to country A does it mean that that plot should always belong to country A?

• Can an apartheid state ever be legitimate?

• Can a country who routinely murders and injures civilians, medics and journalists ever be legitimate?

• How should prisoners (including child prisoners) be treated?

• Are sanctions that cause so much hardship to civilians ever legitimate?

• What’s the role of arms manufacturers in the conflict?

• What should the UN do when it’s resolutions are ignored?

• What should other countries do to deal with the impact of “Friends of Israel”?

• Why do so many confuse criticism of Israel with being anti-semetic?

• Why is there so little coverage of the way that Palestinians are treated by mainstream media?

• What should be done to combat terrorism?

• To what extent is violent protest justifiable?

• Is BDS legitimate?

These and other issues maybe addressed in a blog on this site at a future date. In the meantime, listen to some Lowkey who was performing at The Ritz, Manchester at the Stampede Festival in July 2018:,_England

Interesting sites include:

Friends of Israel:

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